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*** 18 Years Experience *** Fully Insured *** Free Estimates ***

This is just one of our many projects:

We list this project because we are very proud of it. Other lawn sprinkler installation and repair companies turned down repairing this sprinkler system because they said it couldn't be done. DGL was able to revitalize a commercial sprinkler system that had not been turned on in over 25 years! As you can imagine there were many obstacles involved in doing this, ranging from multiple line breaks, frozen values and wiring problems. DGL's highly trained and knowledgeable techs were able to trace down and fix all of these issues. This resulted in over ten thousand dollars of savings for our client because they did not need to install a new system.

The industrial park at 72 Sharp Street Hingham, MA suffered from extremely dry dead lawn, and dreary landscaping for 25 years until DGL came along.

Please keep in mind that the pictures below are pictures of a sprinkler system that has not run in 25 years so the lawn and landscape is not in the best shape. Now that the customer has irrigation DGL has been contracted to re-landscape the entire park.

*** 18 Years Experience *** Fully Insured *** Free Estimates ***